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About our classes:

Want to learn more about wine, but are a little intimidated by the process?

Have you attended wine tastings in the past and didn’t have a clue as to what they were talking about?

Do you like wine but don’t know why?

Wine tasting should be a memorable event - an adventurous experience that allows people to discover and enjoy different wine producing countries one bottle at a time.

Salud! A Wine Experience was created to make exploring wine easier and enjoyable while increasing your confidence and desire to learn more. Our classes are a fun activity for any special occasion, social, professional or corporate group in a relaxed format that takes the intimidation out of the tasting process. Tell us what your needs are on the Contact Us page.

Come learn with us!

Drink wine, live fine!



  • Let Your Senses be Your Guide
  • How to Read a Wine List &
    Wine Label

  • Food & Wine Pairings
  • History of Wine
  • Exploring Wine Regions

  • Understanding Varietals

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